Monday, September 13, 2010


From my internship I got a lot of free film. Some six or so packs of 160 nc portra, 10 boxes of 2 pack polaroid 669, a package of 120 vericolor... mostly expired. The polaroid expired last year, the portra expired 2004ish, and the vericolor expired during the 90's.

I decided to test a pack of polaroid and a roll of the portra for fun. Took out a Mamiya 7, drama ensued, so switched for a Hasselblad.

Just little shots from inside my apartment of the lovely helen.

I'm really bad at scanning, I need more practice, lol.

hasselblad, portra 160nc


  1. first one maybe? at least its not magenta :)

  2. ooo i can't wait to see the rest of the film! please keep sharing the results!

  3. Very Interesting! I used to use Vericolor in the 80's and never understood why Kodak discontinued it because it was the best at the time. Keep shooting and show us more!