Sunday, May 9, 2010

back to the temple

vistaquest 1015

i visited again
it was freezing out
met a nice man named lee who showed me around
got invited to their concert in june, lol
told to come back anytime to take pictures
had an embarrassing incident with a monk ...
i went to shake his hand and he responds 'sorry i cannot touch a woman'


  1. oh, that's happened to me before!
    it wasn't with a monk though, instead it was a middle-eastern guy...not sure of what religion he was, but he couldn't touch women...I also felt awkward after I was denied a handshake! :/

  2. Dan -- It's pretty close by ! Maybe 10 minutes away from RIT ? Just drive down East River, passed the lehigh, the intersection, and train tracks until you see Martin Road on the right. The temple is just down that road to the left. Surrounded by fields. It's so odd.

    Wat Pa Lao Buddhadham
    135 Martin Road
    West Henrietta, New York 14586
    Phone: 585-321-3031
    Contact person: Mone Inthasone

    I'm going again today with prints that I made... they're pretty friendly. I thought it would be rude just to meander around with a camera so I introduced myself first (knocked on their door). They have a garden and animals and you'll see monks working outside.

    They'll probably shake your hand because you're a man haha.

    Liz-- so embarrassing ... haha I just felt really bad because I thought I made him feel embarrassed and overall it was just embarrassing! I'm glad I have someone to relate to now (: