Tuesday, December 1, 2009

december 1

vistaquest 1015

sitting in a near empty 2D design class.

when i go home, i want to take pictures of my mother at work-- standing behind the bright red counter, surrounded by lottery tickets, twenty five cent bubble gum, and cigarettes. she has spent about 20 years behind a cash register--all in the pursuit of the american dream.

her legs ache at night, and i don't get angry at her when she tucks my hair behind an ear and tells me that i need to marry a man with money (so i don't have to live the way she does. racial slurs, gunshots, and sore feet).

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  1. was my comment lost ? ):

    liked the lighting in the first picture -- the way it looks on the table makes me start thinking about a bunch of things (kind of like mentally branching off ??) ... dunno why though. strange >_<

    reading about your mother makes me sad ): alyssa fighting always!!


    - phim